Metin Aytekin (Associate Professor)

He as born in Ankara and raised in Izmir, Turkey. He received his doctor degree at the University of Vienna Medical School (https://www.meduniwien.ac.at/web/) and specialized on pulmonary diseases, especially on pulmonary hypertension (PAH) at the Cleveland Clinic Hospital in the United States (https://my.clevelandclinic.org/).He has been working on PAH for many years. The idiopathic form of PAH (IPAH), an especially unknown form of the disease, is of interest, and studies have been undertaken to bring this unknown mechanism to light in order to bring alternative therapies for the disease. He also conduct research on STEM CELL and working on applications of the use of STEM CELLS in regenerative medicine.He established the Sugen-5416 PAH rats model in Turkey and has been using these animals for the experiments which can not be performed on human. These studies help to find out the developing mechanisms at the molecular level of disease. He has published these studies in the journals with high impact.
Also, he educated the students for master of science program who can specialize in this subject. He received the highest scores in the student surveys from the lectures he gave at the medical faculty, and even some lectures were added to the YouTube channel by the students.
When he come back to Turkey, He realized that most people with Professor or associate Professor level in the Turkey are in sufficient in writing scientific articles and grants. In order to fill this gap with his own efforts, he started a volunteer Project called Scientific Grant Writing Program for 3 Days. This 3 days education program became in a short tie very popular in Turkey and he was invited from all over the Turkey. The program was highly appreciated because of the unusuality of the training technique.
He has been also playing an active role in the social field. He professionally engaged in photography and video editing. He has License for Traditional mounted archery, and also gave many musical concerts.

Email: metin.aytekin@gmail.com