What a snowman makes me think

I live in Turkey. Currently, it is wintertime and it has been snowing since yesterday


My country looks like medical doctor, all dressed in a white coat of heavy snow. My friends and I went out to enjoy the snow and made a huge snowman together. It was very cold so we went inside to have a cup of warm coffee. We had conversation while enjoying our coffee for about two hours. Then, we decided to go to the same place where we made the huge snowman. What we saw upset us. The snowman had been leveled to the ground, with footprints all around. Obviously, someone wasn’t happy with our snowman.

Nine years ago, while working in the United States at Cleveland Clinic Hospital, several medical doctor friends and I made a huge snowman just in the middle of the Cleveland Clinic Garden. We had so much fun together making this snowman. The next day going to work, guess what we saw? Someone made another snowman right beside our snowman to show unity and harmony. This was a happy moment for us and we talked about this metaphor for friendship and harmony for the rest of the day.

When you compare these two stories, you can see that our country, Turkey, is experiencing a civilization problem. Who are the responsible for the division? What is the difference between the community in Turkey and the one in the US? The first thing that comes to my mind is the lack of academicians that represent progressive intellect in Turkey. In fact, the destructive, disturbing citizen that destroyed our snowman reflects the status of academicians in Turkey. The citizens follow the lead of the academicians in Turkey, and these intellects must remove their destructive attitude. Instead of doing science they gossip and cause dissention in the universities and communities in the Turkish cities. For God’s sake, please ask the academicians in Turkey, “What is your H index?” I know for a fact that academicians that have a low H index will avoid speaking on this index.

The quality of academicians is determined this H index unit. In Turkey, a scientist with high H index is one who works hard, does quality work, and adds value to society. To earn an Associate Professor degree, one must have an H index of 10 and a Full Professor must have an H index of at least 15. Unfortunately, some academicians introduced themselves as Professor with an H index 2 or 3 in Turkey.

If we want to become a higher class civilian we must make a friend near the snowman. This will start by giving more authority to Professors in the universities based on the H index and eliminating those whose H index is not good for academia.

One of my close friend was inspired by this story and once wrote:

We must raise generations that will want to make another snowman in unity and not destroy the harmony and friendship that others have created.

(Inspired by a memorable memory of Metin Aytekin) 

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