The autologous adipose stromal vascular fraction (SVF)

Stem cells are categorized by two major types: embryonic stem cells (ESCs) and adult stem cells (ASCs). Adult stem cells can be further divided into non-cultured expanded forms, such as mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and autologous stromal vascular fraction. The Regenerative Stem Cell Institute uses adult autologous (your own) stem cells. TRSCI does not use embryonic stem cells.

Musculoskeletal damage, degeneration, and injuries are common health problems. Stem cells of a regenerative potential for damaged and injured tissue. Adipose SVF is use for many orthopedic applications in the clinical setting. These types of stem cells differentiate into cartilage and bone tissue, which is proven in many clinical studies. ASCs in the form of SVF possibly work by secreting cytokines, chemokines, and growth factors, which stimulate healing and tissue regeneration.

The autologous adipose stromal vascular fraction (SVF) procedure involves obtaining fat (adipose) tissue-derived stem cells, which are used in various autoimmune, urologic, neurologic, pulmonary, ophthalmologic and orthopedic applications for patients. For orthopedic conditions, adipose-derived stromal vascular fraction (collection of stem cells) is being used in patients with ligament/tendon injuries, chondromalacia, osteoarthritis (OA), osteonecrosis of the femoral head, back/neck pain and more.

The stromal vascular fraction is a by-product of adipose harvesting of excess fatty tissue. This fraction contains a large number of stem cells, termed adipose derived stem cells. These cells are similar to those derived from bone marrow in that they are capable of multilineage differentiation. The SVF of adipose tissue is a potent source of preadipocytes, mesenchymal stem cells, T cells, B cells, endothelial progenitor cells, and adipose tissue macrophages.

The CSN IRB-approved procedure yields 10 million to 40 million stem cells. After harvesting the cells are immediately used.

The stem cell procedure itself requires about 4 hours. First, the doctor may administer a twilight anesthetic, and then make a small incision in an area of the body with fatty tissue, such as buttocks or stomach. Approximately 60 mL of adipose tissue will be harvested via liposuction.

Next, the stromal vascular fraction with adult stem cells is separated from the fat cells, macrophages, and additional tissue components via centrifugation. The stem cells from the SVF are then isolated using multi-filtration protocols.

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