To be an observer or research fellow at Cleveland Clinic

After having my degree in Vienna Medicine University, Austria, I was a post doc at Lerner Research Center, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio for 5 years. Afterward, I became a Research Associate at Lerner Research Center.

It was great honor for me to be a member of Cleveland Clinic during these years. I saw the people there who are really scientist.

If you also would like to have same experience, just read below.

Good Luck!


The Observership program is an informal shadowing experience that enables participants to watch procedures and surgeries; attend patient rounds and teaching conferences; and have full access to Cleveland Clinic’s medical library system. Federal regulations prevent observers from having patient care responsibilities or involvement in any form of volunteer research.


The length of the program typically is one month


Who is Eligible


  • Fully trained international physicians and specialists currently practicing abroad
  • International residents and fellows currently enrolled in a residency/fellowship program at a foreign institution and who are expected to graduate from that same institution
  • International medical students currently enrolled at an international medical school and who are expected to graduate from that same school


All applications require a $500 non-refundable processing fee.


How to Apply for the International Physician Observer Program

1. Observership applications are presented to one specialty only; please select the one specialty that reflects your area of expertise or that you are most interested in.

2. Refer to the schedule below and select an application period most appropriate for you.

3. Create an account.

4. Complete the application form and submit all required documents before the close date of the period you are applying to.

5. Pay the fee.


Application periods Online application open date Online application close date Expected notification of final decision
Period 1: January, February, March, April  2017  CLOSED  Oct. 14, 2016  Nov. 11, 2016
Period 2: May, June, July and August 2017 CLOSED Feb. 17, 2017  March 17, 2017
Period 3: September, October, November, December 2017 Feb. 20, 2017 June 9, 2017 July 7, 2017

Places to stay around Cleveland Clinic

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Cleveland Hopkins International Airport 
5300 Riverside Drive
Cleveland, OH 44135 


Map and Driving Directions

Download a campus map or get driving directions to Cleveland Clinic.

You also can call 216.444.9500 anytime to get automated directions to our main campus via major highways.


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Please do not hesitate to ask if have any question!

2 thoughts on “To be an observer or research fellow at Cleveland Clinic

  1. Best regards, I applied for Cleveland the international physician observer program period 3 2018, the expected date of notification is 27 of June, but today is 30 and didn’t recieve any replay.
    Is that expected to delay their replay, or may not accepted. Thank you.

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